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5 Free and Easy Tools to Schedule Your Tweets

By Sue Brady schedule tweets icon

Everyone is busy so I’m focusing on these time saving tools to help you schedule your tweets. Scheduling tweets is useful for a few reasons, both for business and personal users:

  • If there is a certain date/time that you want to remember to tweet a specific message, you can schedule it in advance and forget about it. It will appear on your Twitter feed at the time you’ve appointed.
  • Let’s say you peruse content in one sitting and come across a number of things to tweet. Rather than overwhelm your followers,  you can space out those tweets by scheduling them to appear at specific times.
  • If you’re running an ad campaign and want your offer or message to appear at specific moments, this can be easily accomplished.

There are a few free products that allow for this functionality and they are very easy to use. Most importantly, in each tool when you first sign up, make sure your time zone is accurate to ensure your tweets will post at the time you actually want them to.

Tool #1: ads.twitter.com

This tool is from Twitter and was added in October of last year, first as a business tools for advertisers, and later available for anyone.

Step 1: Go to ads.twitter.com. If you are logged in on your Twitter account, you’ll automatically be able to get into the tool as you. If you are not logged in, you’ll be prompted to do so.

Step 2: Select the ’Creatives’ tab from the top of your page.

Twitter schedule bar

Step 3: Click on the ‘Compose Tweet’ box or icon on the top right of your screen.
Step 4: Click on the “Scheduling” tab and select the date and time for your tweet; click the button (lower right) to ‘Schedule Tweet.’

Compose a tweet

Scheduled tweet

Tool #2: FutureTweets

Here’s another fast and easy (and free!) tool.

Step 1: Go to futuretweets.com
Step 2: Log in using your Twitter account (authorize the app when asked) and check your time zone settings.
Step 3: Type in the tweet you want to schedule and click ‘schedule.’ Make sure the clock is set to the right time. If you change your mind, use the delete symbol to delete your tweet, or the pencil icon to edit it.

Futuretweets schedule screen

Futuretweets scheduled

Tool #3: Twuffer

Twuffer (in beta) is another very easy and free scheduling tool.

Step 1: Go to twuffer.com and if you are not already logged into twitter, authorize the app to do it for you.
Step 2: Type your tweet in the top box and click ‘Schedule Tweet.’ If you look on the ‘scheduled tweets’ tab, your tweet will appear.

twuffer tweet screen

Tool #4:  TweetDeck

Tweetdeck, another Twitter product, has a great deal of functionality, including the ability to schedule tweets.  Here’s how you use just that piece:

Step 1: Go to tweetdeck.com and sign in with your twitter account or sign in.
Step 2: Click on the blue tweet icon on the top left of your page.
Step 3: Type in your tweet and click the schedule button.
Step 4: Choose the appropriate time and you’ll see it come up under your tweet.

tweetdeck schedule tweettweetdeck schedule tweet2

 Tool #5: Later Bro

The last tool is called Later Bro. This tool allows you to schedule both tweets and Facebook posts.

Step 1: Go to laterbro.com and sign in with either your Twitter or Facebook account. You will be prompted to add both accounts.
Step 2: Once you authorize the appropriate app, you’ll be prompted to check your settings.
Step 3: Type in your tweet or post, indicate on which service you want it shared, and click the Schedule button.

laterbro pick fb or twitter

All of these tools offer nice dashboards and various analytics. Test them out and let me know which one you like best!