Top 5 Lists of Useful and FREE Digital Marketing tools

By Sue Brady

Every day I read at least 5 blog posts written by others. I ‘retweet’ a lot of these and also ‘favorite’ them for future reference. Here are 5 posts that I have found to be extremely helpful:

  1. Free competitor analysis tools to help you evaluate your website against your competitors from a search perspective, including link building, traffic analysis, and keywords.
  2. Free Blogging platforms to help you get started as a blogger.
  3. Free Reputation Management tools. It’s important to know what’s being said about your company and these tools can help you monitor that. You’ll be able to set up rules to search complaints or to monitor where others might be using your name.
  4. Free images for your blog. Sometimes you need an image to enhance your blog’s appearance. Here are some sources of free imagery that you can use.
  5. Free content templates. These templates will help you to organize, improve, and get the most out of your content.

What are your favorite free tools?

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